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A New Use For Silver Gel Hand Sanitizer!

Written by Wellness Club on August 28, 2014 – 3:39 pm -

By Nurse Mark


We have warned of the dangers of commercial hand sanitizers in previous articles – they contain perfumes, alcohol, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals and they even pose a fire risk!

So we recommend ASAP 365 – 24 ppm Silver Gel for use as a hand sanitizer instead. With it’s non-prescription strength of 24 ppm (parts per million) it is gentle enough for everyday use and safe even when used multiple times daily, while being potent enough to be highly effective as an antimicrobial hand sanitizer. The 1.5 fl oz tube is perfect for purse or pocket and is a must-have for your natural first aid kit.

This is a very popular product, and we have long assumed that customers are using it as a hand sanitizer. Boy, were we wrong!

A customer recently wrote to tell us the following story:

Dear Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark,

I work in a high-stakes, high-stress job. Usually this is not a problem, I’m used to it – I even like it.

However, a little while ago the stress really got ramped up: I was working on a proposal for a really big account, and it was almost done – I was fairly satisfied that it should be ready to present very soon. Then my boss called – and I could hear panic in his voice.

“The XXXX client just flew into town – and they are on their way here with our company president and the chairman of the board. They want to be fully briefed on your proposal, and they want it right now. Meet us in the conference room with your proposal – I’ll stall them: you have one hour.”

That might have been OK – after all, like I said, I was about 98% ready to go on it – but then he ended the call with “you know how much is riding on this deal – you can make us or break us. Don’t screw it up or we’re finished!”

Suddenly I began to feel very, very nervous. I had my notes, and I was confident with my work. But this was to be a presentation on short notice for very high stakes.

My “12 hour deodorant” quit early. As I was gathering up my materials I began to notice that not only was I sweating, but I was not smelling very good. I didn’t have any deodorant with me and no time to go get some. What could I do?!?

I keep your silver gel hand cleaner with me always – in my desk, in my briefcase, and in my purse since I spend a lot of time meeting with people and shaking hands. You know how that is… it can be icky sometimes and your silver gel lets me feel safe and clean.

Since I didn’t have any better idea, I put some of the silver gel on my underarms, and… SHAZAM! – odor gone! I don’t mean just a little gone, but gone, gone! WOW! At least now I could concentrate on my work instead of being worried that I smelled like a skunk!

I grabbed my presentation, met the boss and the president and the chairman and the client in the boardroom and totally aced the presentation. I came up “smelling like a rose” in every way! We got the contract, and you have got a believer in the power of silver gel. I will never be without it now!


Wow! Could a story be any more dramatic!

Of course there is every reason that silver gel should be a perfect deodorant – it is safe for use on sensitive skin and it is highly effective against the bacteria that are the cause of most unpleasant and embarrassing body odors.

Though it is not specifically recommended for such, there is no reason not to try silver gel anywhere that odor might form – underarms, groin, under breasts, in skin folds, even feet.

Larger people with skin folds that become sweaty and irritated can benefit since silver gel will help prevent infection in these difficult areas.

Been sitting in a car for a few hours on your way to a meeting and need to “freshen up”? Give it a try – you might be surprised and impressed!

Need to go from all day in hot, closed “office shoes” to open-toed pumps and no chance to wash feet? Try a quick cleanse with silver gel.

Try it wherever – it is safe on all skin areas – and do write and tell us about your success story!

Order ASAP 365 – 24 ppm Silver Gel here

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