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What Are We Doing To Our Children!

Written by Wellness Club on March 6, 2008 – 1:27 pm -

Opinion (a rant) By Nurse Mark


As you know, one of our daily chores here is to sift through mountains of research, bulletins, scientific papers, medical journals, and even the FDA’s News Digests looking for things of importance to you, our readers and patients. I say “chores” because it really is a chore much of the time to go through all this stuff – it is usually either incredibly, stupefying, dry stuff, guaranteed to put even the most determined reader into a glassy-eyed trance or it is “research” that is a thinly veiled advertisement for some new drug, or, as the following little tidbit is, something that makes us shake our heads here in disbelief, frustration, and even anger.


Well, today I’m angry!


Just what in the name of all that is Holy are we doing to our children?!? It isn’t good enough that Big Pharma appears to be in cahoots with Big Food in order to have most of the adult population of the US eating such an unbalanced, miserable, processed, synthetic, poisonous diet that they are ruining their health and lining up clamoring for “The Little Purple Pill” in droves – Big Pharma now wants our children to be hooked on proton pump inhibitors as well!


For us, this begs the question: Just how in the world could a baby merely a year old develop GERD? Or a child of less than 11 years for that matter? Wouldn’t it make more sense to look at sorting out the cause of this problem rather than to be shutting off an essential body function – the production of stomach acid – with a drug?


Do we really believe that modern pharmaceutical science has finally provided us with a solution to a problem that has plagued mankind for lo, these many years – the dreaded “Nexium Deficiency Syndrome”? Did our ancestors suffer because didn’t have “The Little Purple Pill”? Or did they simply have to make do with a better diet – none of those nutritious trans fats, no delicious high-fructose corn syrup, missing out on refined salt, refined sugar, refined flour, and bromine-laced breads… Yikes! – How did our ancestors survive without those wonderful inventions? (“Very well indeed” is my guess!)


So, here is the offensive little tidbit from the FDA:  Reading through the article it seems that they are basing this on the extrapolation of adult data – yep, that’s right, to the FDA children are just smaller adults! They refer with obvious pride to one study of a whole, big, 109 children who took the stuff for a whole 8 weeks – wow! And presumably none of these children suffered any “serious” side effects beyond those that the FDA advises about: “The most common adverse reactions in children treated with Nexium were headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, gas, constipation, dry mouth and sleepiness.”


Yesiree, no problem, just a minor little discomfort – it’s a small price to pay for being able to take “The Little Purple Pill” just like mommy and daddy!


Reflux Disease Treatment Nexium Now Approved for Children Ages 1 to 11

FDA has approved Nexium (esomeprazole magnesium) for short-term use in children ages 1 to 11 years for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The agency approved the drug in two forms, a delayed-release capsule and liquid form. Nexium is approved in 10 milligrams (mg) or 20 mg daily for children ages 1 to 11, compared to 20 mg or 40 mg recommended for pediatric patients ages 12 to 17.


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