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We Get Questions! How To Become Female?

Written by Wellness Club on October 11, 2011 – 6:53 pm -

We Get Questions – Wow, Do We Get Questions!

A writer asks us by email:

please advise on initial hormones i can buy to become female


Whoo-ee! What a question!  Not because it is an unusual request – after all, “gender re-assignment” therapies and treatments are not all that uncommon these days, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine – but because of the degree of complication involved.

We have written before about hormones – sex hormones, neuro hormones, hormones that control and regulate everything from our blood pressure to our blood sugar to our feeling of satiety after we eat. Whenever we write about hormones it becomes painfully obvious that the endrocrine system – the body’s chemical messenger and control system – is an incredibly, exquisitely complicated, delicate, and important part of our physiology.

Almost every time we write about hormones it is in response to a question like this – someone asking for a simple, easy answer to very complicated problems. Invariably the writer is asking for an easy, quick, “take these two herbal supplements” kind of answer.

This is somewhat akin to asking how to drive a car blindfolded – on unfamiliar roads in heavy traffic no less!

This writer knows where he wants to be: he wants to be a she.

He understands that a large part of being female is in having a full compliment of female hormones.

But he doesn’t know where he is right now in terms of his current hormone balance.

You see, we all – male and female – have both male and female hormones in our bodies; just in different ratios and balances.

In order to safely and meaningfully effect the desired change, this person will need to know where he is starting from and more importantly, how he will get to where he wants to be without putting his health at serious risk or wasting massive sums of money on things that don’t work – no matter how easy it might sound on the internet forums.

For those that want a small sample of how “simple” sex hormone analysis and regulation can be please see the following simplified diagram: Metabolism of Select Steroids – this is one of the worksheets that Dr. Myatt uses when she is doing hormone replacement or balancing work with a patient.

As you look at this chart you can see that cholesterol (yes, that evil substance that Big Pharma wants to medicate out of existence with their statin drugs!) becomes pregnenolone (which most folks think of as a female hormone) which goes on to become any number of other hormones, including that most male of hormones, testosterone!

So you can see that it is not quite as easy as just “taking a female hormone” in order to become female – it just won’t work.

My first suggestion to the person who sent us the inquiry would be to start out by performing a Comprehensive Hormone Analysis to see where he is at in terms of a start point. Then he will want to consult Dr. Myatt to get an idea what might be involved in making the hormonal changes that he desires.

This will be a long, difficult, and trying road for this person to travel – and unless this person is very-well trained and experienced in working with hormones, it could be filled with risk if he chooses to travel it alone.

My second suggestion to this person is that he should evaluate carefully his nutritional status and overall health and begin using the basic healthy optimal-dose supplementation using things like Maxi Multi, Maxi Greens, CoQ10, and Maxi Marine to ensure that his body is as healthy as possible to undergo what may well be some stressful times to come.

Fortunately most of Dr. Myatt’s patients are satisfied with the gender that has been assigned to them, and her work with them is much easier – though no less complicated – when she works with them to optimize and balance their hormones for optimal health and well-being.

If you feel like your hormones “just aren’t right” – if you are easily fatigued, easy to cry or become emotional, have inappropriate anger or sadness, are overweight and unable to lose weight, losing hair or having unwanted hair, or having hot flashes or other symptoms of hormonal imbalance you may want to consider performing a hormone analysis and consulting with Dr. Myatt too.

Hormone balancing is a small investment in good health that has a huge payoff!

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