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Waxman Amendment Fails – You Win!

Written by Wellness Club on June 29, 2010 – 12:07 pm -

Waxman Amendment Fails – You Win!


By Nurse Mark


Many of you will remember a recent article in HealthBeat News where we talked about the danger being posed by what was being called The Waxman Amendment – an amendment, inserted by Rep. Henry Waxman into the so-called “Wall Street Reform” bill HR 4173 which would give the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) important new powers that could be used to circumvent key supplement protections in DSHEA – the legislation that currently protects your access to dietary supplements.

It appears that Waxman’s attempts have been foiled. This note arrived in my mailbox yesterday, sent by The Alliance For Natural Health USA:

Congressman Henry Waxman (D, CA) made a strong last ditch effort to save his Federal Trade Commission (FTC) power expansion provision in the finance bill.  He also had the support of powerful Congressman Barney Frank (D, MA).  The Conference committee deliberations went until 3:00 am this morning.  Fortunately, the provision was not accepted and will therefore not be in the bill that is submitted to both the House and Senate.  Our concern was that based on its prior actions, the FTC would have used expanded powers to restrict access to supplements.

Thank you for making this outcome possible by taking action and sending a strong signal to Congress.  They heard you!

We will have a full report Tuesday in our regular newsletter.  


Alliance for Natural Health USA

To those of you who contacted your representatives to object to this odious attempt at a federal power-grab by Waxman, thank you! To those who didn’t contacted your representatives, please offer a word of thanks for those who did “step up to the plate” on this issue. We collectively dodged a bullet on this one.

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