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Volumetrics: A Diet for Those With Eyes Bigger Than Belly

Written by Wellness Club on March 14, 2008 – 11:13 am -

Commentary by Dr. Myatt

With bathing suit season looming again, the Volumetrics diet is making a comeback. Before you rush out to buy the book, let me give you the “Cliff notes.” Volumetrics is not a new diet. The books have a lot of pictures, showing , for example that for the same amount of calories, fresh grapes make a bigger portion than raisins. That’s basically the diet in a nutshell.Eat more food with high fiber and water content and you’ll get to eat a bigger “volume” of food than if you ate low water, low fiber foods. And the book does a good job of showing these differences with pictures.

Do I recommend it? No. It’s the Ornish or Pritiken diet with pictures. But no matter how you slice it, the diet is high carb, low fat. Such diets have been shown to be far less effective for weight loss than a moderate fat and protein, low carb diet.

So — if you’re into “SuperSize me” (as in “how big a mound of food do I get to eat?”), Volumetrics might be worth a try. But if you’re into fast weight loss, improved health (especially blood sugar and blood pressure levels) and satiety (feeling satisfied after eating), then take The Super Fast Diet  for a quick spin this Spring.

You’ll be back into your bathing suit in no time!

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