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Vitamin D and Liver Cancer: More Reasons Love Vitamin D

Written by Wellness Club on July 18, 2014 – 11:12 am -

By Nurse Mark


In our modern world filled with wondrous, even miraculous offerings of synthetic drugs so benevolently given to us by Big Pharma it is comforting to know that Mother Nature is still on our side looking out for us and giving us simple things that actually do work. They do work that is, if we can just avert our eyes from the seductive glitter of patent drugs for long enough to actually get back to basics and try the natural solutions…

Such is the case with vitamin D.

Long dismissed by conventional medicine and Big Pharma as being only needed in miniscule amounts to prevent the ancient disease rickets and derisively called “the sunshine vitamin” so as to suggest that we get all we need from minimal exposure to daylight, vitamin D has recently forced it’s way into the spotlight as being not just valuable to our health, but essential to us in preventing some of our most feared diseases.

We have been singing the praises of vitamin D here at The Wellness Club for many years. Over 4 years ago we offered our readers Dr. Myatt’s Special Report On Vitamin D. Now it appears that conventional medical researchers are finally catching up with us.

Emory University has recently announced the results of research showing that vitamin D intake can lower the risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). For those who didn’t know, HCC is the main form of liver cancer.

According to the article:

Findings indicated that higher levels of vitamin D in the body cut the risk of HCC in half


Let’s repeat that: higher levels of vitamin D cut the risk of liver cancer in half.

If it were a new patent medicine that this was being said about we would be hearing all about it. The FDA and Big Pharma would be trying to convince us to add it to the drinking water. Politicians would be demanding mandatory consumption of it “for the children.”

But it’s not a patent medicine – it’s lowly, simple, natural vitamin D and until Big Pharma can figure out how to patent it and sell it for a profit they will continue to regard it with contempt.

We will continue to give vitamin D the respect it deserves here at The Wellness Club, and we invite you to learn more:

Dr. Myatt’s Special Report On Vitamin D

Vitamin D Deficiency is common – find out if you are deficient with a simple lab test: Our vitamin D, 25-OH, Total (Blood Spot) – uses a FINGER STICK blood spot test that you collect at home

Vitamin D supplements are inexpensive and available in both capsules and liquid drops. 

And please read our other articles on vitamin D in HealthBeat News.

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