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The Most Dangerous Food

Written by Wellness Club on June 24, 2008 – 7:59 pm -

This just in today from Medscape.

Do you know what the most dangerous food — an entire category — is considered to be, based on the number of people affected?

Meat you say? After all, E.coli has killed more than a few people over the years, especially in cheap hamburger from sleazy fast-food joints.

But alas, meat isn’t it. It turns out that government oversight of meat-packing operations is at least functional.

How about sushi? After all, raw fish could transmit parasites…

Guess again.

The most dangerous category of foods based on the number of deaths and sickness is FRUITS and VEGETABLES. And while some of the contaminants can be removed by careful cleansing, many others are internal to the fruit or produce and no amount of washing will make them safe.

What to do?

  • Buy as many of your fruits and vegetables locally as you can (they’ll be much fresher anyway).
  • Try your hand at growing some of your own. (Salad veggies like lettuce and sprouts are particularly easy and require very little space).
  • Consider using an organic fruit and vegetable supplement like Red Alert or Greens First to give yourself the benefit of 10 + servings of fruits and vegetables daily without the risk. (And these tasty supplements help to "fill in the gaps" of the 10 servings of fruits and vegetables I’m willing to bet money you’re NOT eating anyway)!
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