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Some Thoughts On Universal Health Care

Written by Wellness Club on June 10, 2009 – 3:12 pm -

Opinion by Nurse Mark

Regular readers know that I am in fact a Registered Nurse and have been one for over 25 years now.

What readers may not know is that twenty of those years were spent working within the Canadian healthcare system’s hospitals.

Working in areas from the E.R. to surgery to medical to palliative care, I have seen how the "Universal Health Care" system, as practiced in Canada, really works.

Because of this experience, I must admit that I have some very serious reservations about the "Universal" and government-funded health plans that many of our American politicians, including Mr. Obama, are seeking to impose upon the American people.

I have seen the failings of such a plan "up-close-and-personal" and I have no wish to see any of my fellow American neighbors endure the frustrations that can come from having politicians directing medical decisions. It is my guess that if our bureaucrats and politicians were really qualified to make good medical decisions they would be working as doctors, not as bureaucrats or politicians.

I spotted an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday as I was making my morning review of health-related news. It caught my eye first because it appeared in such a prestigious and usually fairly politically-neutral paper, normally more concerned with news of financial importance than with health, and secondly because the author is a Canadian-trained physician who is obviously quite qualified to share with us his view of the failings of the "Universal Health Care" systems that our politicians are eagerly pressing for.

In part, the author of this article states:

Not long ago, I would have applauded this type of government expansion. Born and raised in Canada, I once believed that government health care is compassionate and equitable. It is neither.

My views changed in medical school. Yes, everyone in Canada is covered by a "single payer" — the government. But Canadians wait for practically any procedure or diagnostic test or specialist consultation in the public system.

I invite you to read the entire article here:

Canada’s ObamaCare Precedent – Governments always ration care by making you wait. That can be deadly.

And I invite your thoughts and comments on this issue – please give us your feedback!

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