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Root Canals and Painful Dentists

Written by Wellness Club on February 17, 2012 – 1:38 pm -

Root Canals and Painful Dentists


By Nurse Mark


There is a similarity between health care providers and politicians that seems to be increasingly missed these days.

That is, doctors, dentists, and politicians all work for us – not the other way around!

We seek these people out when we need them, because we need their skills and experience. But none of them are imbued with god-like qualities, and none of them should ever cause us to fear them or cause us to feel that we must blindly follow their dictates.

Dr. Myatt recently received this note from a fellow who had been reading our information regarding the dangers of root canals:

Dentists who perform root canals obviously must feel the need to do so because of too much nerve exposure. I’ve had two and because of recent readings I do not care to have any more done. I fear my next visit to the dentist, because of a cracked molar, [since I] may require yet another one.

What are the options? Should I refuse to have one done I’d expect to be at odds with my dentist. That being said, he could make that visit a very painful one. Let me repeat, A VERY PAINFUL ONE, in cleaning up the tooth to prep it for a crown.


Yikes – I was hurting just reading that note!

Here is Dr. Myatt’s reply:

If I thought I had a dentist who would hurt me deliberately just because I refused a root canal, I’d be looking for a different dentist in a heart-beat. And if my dentist ever DID cause me pain or even a little discomfort (I’m a “dental wuss”), I’d have him stop, I’d leave, and find a new dentist. In fact, “been there, done that!”

Your dentist is your EMPLOYEE. Get that straight in your mind and then find a dentist who will do it your way. There are plenty of competent, gentle dentists in the world. You don’t have to settle for Atilla the Hun.

In Health,
Dr. Myatt


Our correspondent wrote back to say thanks:

Thanks so much. Perhaps it’s unjustified paranoia on my part. I just dread another root canal, especially if it really isn’t  necessary. I’m just exploring my options.
Again, thanks.


And Dr. Myatt sent a final note back:

I agree. I’d skip the root canal.

But just because you disagree with your dentist doesn’t mean he/she should be Dr. Pain.

Another option: have the bad tooth pulled and wear a bridge. Root canals are evil, even when done “correctly.”

A possible exception might be a VERY cosmetically important tooth. Even then, I’d be exploring my other options.

You can learn More about dental health and the dangers of root canals here: Three Hidden Causes of Disease Lurking in Your Mouth

And our cautionary article regarding “silver fillings” (mercury amalgam).

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