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Please, Doctor, Tell Me The Pill That Will Make Me Slim!

Written by Wellness Club on January 4, 2010 – 6:34 pm -

Please, Doctor, Tell Me The Pill That Will Make Me Slim!

By Dr. Myatt


Nurse Mark Forward: We get many, many inquiries about “magic formulas” that folks read and hear about. These come-on’s are most especially targeted at the overweight and almost universally promise “effortless” weight loss – all one needs to do is drink the magic tea or swallow the magic supplement and then sit back and relax while “a new, slim, healthy you” emerges as “the pounds drop away” at a satisfying rate. Ha! For those who really believe such stuff, I just happen to have a nice piece of ocean-front property in Arizona that I could make a great deal on!

For the rest of you, here is Dr. Myatt’s recent reply to one of our patients who had the good sense to question the hyped-up claims for weight loss products that she’d been recently bombarded with.


Hi Jo:

Miracle cures for overweight don’t exist, although I know hope springs eternal in the mind of most dieters. Ads are filled right now with products that promise “two pounds a week weight loss without diet changes or exercise.” Yeah, right. In your dreams. And mine.

Ever notice how all these “miracles” come in waves, one promise following another? Hoodia, irvingia, fucoxanthin, starch blockers, cha de burge tea and on and on the recent list goes. In my twenty-one years of medical practice (yup, 21 as of 2010!) I have never once had a patient who lost weight simply by taking a pill of anything. Even thyroid replacement in a patient who is truly thyroid deficient doesn’t magically make fat go away. Diet and exercise are still the mainstays of weight loss.

In the midst of all this disappointing hype, however, there really are several supplements that can improve weight loss / dieting success when used correctly. Here’s the scoop.

Chromium, an essential trace mineral, has been found to be indispensable when a person is chromium deficient, but it has little effect when someone isn’t deficient. People who are diabetic, hypoglycemic or insulin insensitive (syndrome X) fall into the category of those most likely to benefit from additional chromium. Instead of expensive testing, I recommend 1,000mcg of chromium per day for a two-month trial. Chromium at this dose is safe and effective. Find Chromium here.

Modifilan, a product made from a specific type of seaweed, helps keep metabolic rate from dropping during dieting. Although it contains fucoxanthin, a substance purportedly helpful in weight loss, I believe the “real magic” is the bio-available iodine which promotes normal thyroid function.

This product is also a potent detoxifying agent and detox is crucial during weight (fat) loss. Many toxins are stored in fat cells and these will be released as fat is released. Modifilan helps bind up these toxins so they don’t simply “re-intoxicate” and make you feel crummy during weight loss. This double-duty benefit can be a real boon to dieters. Find Modifilan here.

Chitosan, a fibrous material derived from the outer shell of crustaceans, binds up fat and prevents if from being absorbed. Not only that, but it is also useful for binding many types of toxins. It does this “bind up toxins” so well that newer research shows it to be useful for those with damaged kidneys. I have even used it successfully in kidney patients on dialysis and the result was that they needed less dialysis! It also helps lower cholesterol levels (as all fiber does).

Back to weight loss. If 6 caps of chitosan are taken with a high-fat meal, some of the fat will be carried out of the body instead of winding up on your hips. This allows for some high-fat “cheats” without consequence.

I don’t recommend chitosan with every meal, because it can also bind up the good fats and fat-soluble vitamins that we need. But using it once a day or taken with high fat meals can be most helpful.

One note. Chitosan was promoted several years ago for weight loss (as oh-so-many products are), but this one didn’t sell well. It is becoming increasingly harder to find chitosan for this reason. Don’t let its lack of availability fool you. This really is one product that can serve a dieter well, both for detoxification and fat-binding. Find Chitosan here.

Myatt bread and Myatt muffins, with their off-the-charts fiber content, no flour or grains, ease and speed of preparation and great flavor and texture, are a dieter’s best friend. I recommend that you eat one or better yet two of these per day. They will help you feel satisfied and make a great bread substitute. In your case, they will also help keep your cholesterol in check.

Here is the recipe for Myatt Bread

Here is the recipe for Myatt Muffins

I pre-mix the dry ingredients to make 20 servings, then keep the pre-mix in the freezer. Doing it this way, I can whip out a muffin or fresh bread in under five minutes including cooking time. Yes, you read that right. (Use your microwave oven. It’s a wonderful kitchen appliance and all the “scare stories” you may have heard are unfounded). Or bake ‘em the “hard way” in the oven and waste energy if you prefer. Whatever.

The recommended ingredients can be found here:

For bread:

Recommended ingredients:


Flax seed

For blueberry muffins, also add these ingredients:

Red Alert

E-Z- Fiber

Remember that you need a high-quality, optimal dose multiple vitamin/mineral supplement all the time, but especially when cutting calories or carbs. A deficiency of any single nutrient can slow metabolic processes and delay weight (fat) loss. I’m partial to my own Maxi Multi, one of the most complete daily supplement available. Find Maxi Multi here.


Non-supplement stuff.

Exercise is an important factor in weight loss, not only for its calorie-burning benefit but also because it increases metabolism. A muscular person at rest burns more calories than a fat person at rest. Exercises also decreases appetite and increases “feel good” hormone levels. This serves as a natural appetite suppressant and anti-depressant. Most people who are successful with weight loss and long-term maintenance rely on exercise as an important part of their program. Weight training is especially important for those over 50 in order to re-build muscle mass.


There you have it, my highest recommendations for supplemental nutrition that can aid you in your weight (fat) loss attempts. Please keep me posted about your progress and let me know if you have other questions.

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