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Niacin For Cholesterol Control – Is Flush-Free Or Regular Niacin Better?

Written by Wellness Club on February 7, 2008 – 4:13 pm -

 With the constant barrage of strident warnings from Big Pharma about  the dangers of “high cholesterol” (all intended to sell expensive and profitable statin drugs) it is no wonder that we receive many questions about natural treatments and controls for cholesterol levels. We have written about this topic often – see our articles The Bacon and Egg Cure for High Cholesterol , LDL Cholesterol: Another Big Fat Lie, and Lower Cholesterol Naturally  for plenty of great information on this subject.

Doug recently wrote with a straightforward question that occasionally comes up:

In my research of niacin therapy to positively affect your LDL and HDL levels, I have read conflicting statements about the use of flushing vs. non-flushing forms of niacin.  I am currently taking 1000 mg./day of the non-flush niacin; but if the flushing type is more effective, I want to use whatever will provide the best results.
 Thanks, Doug

To which Dr. Myatt replied:

Hi Doug:Both niacin and flush-free appear to work as well. Niacinamide does not help lipid levels.

Do NOT use timed-release niacin; it is toxic to the liver.

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

Since we have found that the Flush Free form of niacin is so much better tolerated by our patients, and works as well as the regular form, we offer only Flush Free Niacin. As we have explained before, this natural substance has a far better track record of safety and effectiveness than any of the statin drugs, and provides long-lasting heart health benefits; we consider it to be the first choice for cholesterol control.

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