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NasoSympatico – Banned By The FDA. Here’s the recipe!

Written by Wellness Club on January 29, 2015 – 3:55 pm -

By Nurse Mark


Once again the Mighty FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has seen fit to demonstrate it’s all-powerful benevolence by protecting us from being exposed to a product that it has not officially blessed with its “approval.”

Makers of the natural formula NasoSympatico have been told by the FDA that to continue to make and sell this formula puts them at risk of being deemed to be sellers of an ”unapproved drug” – an offence that is widely known to put companies at risk for armed SWAT team raids, confiscations of business and customer records, seizure of products, equipment, and assets, and even prison time.

NasoSympatico has been around a long time and it is much beloved by a loyal but relatively small group of savvy users. But because it is a specialty product and doesn’t sell thousands of units a week or even in a month, and because as a natural product profit margins are very low, no one is willing spend the millions of dollars required for the endless tests and expensive “licensing fees” required by the FDA to earn it’s approval to sell – and certainly no one is willing to risk the wrath of the FDA by selling it without an FDA blessing.

So, NasoSympatico is gone – lost to FDA regulation. But it is not forgotten.

Just as recipes for any number of things that our government would like us to be ignorant of are freely available to us thanks to our First Amendment rights (just look up “gunpowder” on the internet for example), Dr. Myatt has decided to make the recipe for NasoSympatico available, for educational and informational purposes only, in order that people may see what the FDA is “protecting” them from.

Learn more on Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club website information page for NasoSympatico.

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