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More Cholesterol Questions!

Written by Wellness Club on April 10, 2008 – 2:44 pm -

James asks:

I am currently taking 500mg of flush free Niacin daily.
Is that enough or should I be taking more? I also take 145mg of Tricor daily.

Nurse Mark Answers:

Tricor is in a class of drugs called fibrates – they are different from statins, though they can have similar serious side-effects. It is not possible for us to comment on the dosage mentioned – we have absolutely no other information about James’ condition as he is not our patient.

Further, because we don’t know James’ cholesterol numbers, we cannot even say if he should be trying to lower his cholesterol or not! As we have mentioned before, cholesterol is not the big, bad, bogey-man that it has been made out to be by Big Pharmaceutical Companies eager to increase their profits with the sales of statin drugs – cholesterol is vital to life and health: it makes up about 80% of the walls of every cell in our bodies. Cholesterol is our friend!

The current Pharma-driven mania for reducing cholesterol to the lowest possible levels is actually putting people at risk for hemorrhagic stroke and a wide variety of other, serious problems!

For anyone wishing to use niacin for cholesterol control, more information on suggested dosing can be found here where we discuss this substance in detail.

Look Here for more information about cholesterol, and about Natural Solutions And Strategies For Cholesterol Control.

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