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Iodine Shortages – Again!

Written by Wellness Club on August 15, 2014 – 3:09 pm -

By Nurse Mark


You may remember when the tsunami struck Japan and triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster – an environmental mess that will plague mankind for centuries to come.

At that time millions of people seemed to remember that potassium iodide was protective to the thyroid gland in cases of exposure to radioactive iodine – a common component of radioactive “fallout.” Subsequently those people all tried to find supplies of potassium iodide at the same time with predictable results – shortages and price gouging.

After the panic died down a bit supplies returned to normal – almost. Then in an unfortunate accident Dr Guy Abraham, the maker of the iodine supplement Iodoral, passed away and there have been problems within his company that have resulted once again in shortages of Iodoral.

Iodoral brand iodine / iodide (an effective supplement must contain both) is currently unavailable and future availability is uncertain.

This is a serious problem for many people – supplemental iodine is an important part of thyroid health for many folks and it’s not a supplement that should be just “stopped” suddenly. Because of the shortages, many of Dr. Myatt’s patients found themselves in a “pickle” and Dr. Myatt set out to find a replacement that would meet her high standards for purity and potency.

She has been successful, and we now offer LugoTab – a direct replacement for Iodoral.

LugoTab is exactly the same formulation – same ingredients, same potency, same (or even higher) quality. It is made right here in the USA in a FDA accredited facility under the watchful eye of a skilled and experienced pharmacist that Dr. Myatt knows and trusts.

So, don’t fall for the “shortage” panic or pay exorbitant prices for the few remaining bottles of Iodoral that some unscrupulous sellers may have still in stock. Just as during the Fukushima shortages Dr. Myatt considers it unethical to take advantage  of people by raising prices and has instead worked hard to find a top quality product that you can trust, at the same price – LugoTab iodine / iodide is available now at Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club.

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