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Hyper Somnolence: A Dangerous Condition In Our Modern, Busy World.

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Hyper somnolence is an increasingly important medical condition, especially in today’s stress-filled world where some persons may be finding themselves deprived of normal sleep either as a result of hectic schedules or inappropriate sleeping conditions where too many external stimuli can prevent the normal transitioning from the wake cycle to the proper, restorative, and restful sleep cycle.
As this condition is of great concern to many HealthBeat readers, we have gathered together a collection of demonstrative images that may be of assistance to those wishing to determine whether they too might be at risk of developing abnormal sleep patterns and behaviors.

Please be warned, these are graphic images, and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Please continue on to our informative webpage where you can read more about Hyper Somnolence and view these revealing photographs.

Remember, if you or someone you love suffer from this debilitating condition, Dr. Myatt is available for telephone consultation – don’t delay; seek appropriate help now!

Hyper Somnolence: A Dangerous Condition In Our Modern, Busy World.
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