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Health Freedom At Risk – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement In FDA Crosshairs

Written by Wellness Club on February 7, 2008 – 6:08 pm -

The FDA Takes Sides – and sides with Big Pharma to stop bio-identical hormone replacement therapy!

Dr. Myatt warned about this a year ago, in her HealthBeat article More Proof-Positive That Big Pharma Doesn’t Give a Damn
About Your Health
. At that time we were warning about “The Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007″ a sneaky tag added at the last minute to an FDA funding bill.

Pharmaceutical giant Wyeth has been “madder than a wet hen” since 2005 when it’s blockbuster mega-profit synthesized drugs Premarin and Prempro took a dive with the announcement that they were doing more harm than good for many women. They have been looking to get even ever since.

Now they have taken the next step in that process: their approach is “if we can’t make money on this stuff, we’re going to make sure that nobody does!”

The FDA has agreed to support Wyeth in their campaign to end access to compounded hormone medicines and announced that it will “halt” compounding of hormone treatments that contain estriol – a common and critical component of many bio-identical hormone therapies.

Even more frightening, the FDA has announced that they are banning the use of the words “Bio-Identical” by compounding pharmacists, and presumably by your doctor or anyone else for that matter. What power this rogue agency has assumed!

You can find more information, including actions that you can take to help save your access to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Here.

Dr. Myatt and I urge you to follow this link and do everything you can to rein in the FDA and their friends and benefactors, Big Pharma. The assault on your health freedoms is relentless!

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