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George says: "Buy More Products!"

Written by Wellness Club on August 9, 2008 – 12:55 pm -

We get lots of feedback on our articles – some of it just very brief notes thanking us for being outspoken and honest.

George wrote recently in response to our article: EXPOSED: FDA’s Self-Critical Report is a PR Scam to say:

Great report and Magnífica Información. Thanks. Keep them coming…it is always nice and instructional to hear from you.

and then added:

(George….thanks for the congratulations however ….buy more products)

I was a little confused, but Dr. Myatt wasn’t – she wrote George back to say:

Thanks for the thanks and glad you enjoyed the article!

Yes, it would be great if people who enjoy our newsletter actually purchased product from us, but I’ll also thank you to notice that, unlike most "health letters" I receive, we really don’t try to use HealthBeat as a sales vehicle. In fact, I think we do a really poor job of "pitching" anything. I’m simply hoping that a portion of our readership will come to trust our holistic medical integrity by reading HealthBeat and some will eventually convert to patients and/or customers. So far, it’s been working. (Even without your help! George says: "Buy More Products!" )

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

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