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Dick Durbin Isn’t Giving Up! Take Action – Again…

Written by Wellness Club on November 21, 2013 – 5:10 pm -

By Nurse Mark


Richard Joseph “Dick” Durbin, the democrat Senator from Illinois has held that office since 1997 and he has been gunning for natural supplements and vitamins for almost as long. If there could possibly be a poster child for the need for term limits, that would be Dick Durbin.

As a career politician (first elected to political office in 1982, after spending most of his career prior to that working as a lawyer for politicians) you might think that he would recognize a lost cause when he sees it. But apparently not.

Dick Durbin has recycled his anti-supplement legislation over and over and over, only to have it slapped down each time. His draconian, pro-drug company, anti-natural supplement ideas doesn’t even garner much support from his own colleagues, and remember – Durbin is the Senate Majority Whip for the democrat party. The man charged with persuading democrat party politicians to vote the party line can’t even persuade them to support his pet bill – he is that far out of touch…

We’ve probably bored you silly with our repeated warnings about his previous attempts to destroy your access to natural supplements over the past few years. I know it has made us crazy here. No sooner does one of Durbin’s ill-conceived attempts fail than he simply re-names his bill and re-introduces it for another try – only to see it defeated again.

But he won’t give up! You have to hand it to him, he is doggedly persistent.

His 2012 “Labelling Act” bill, which would have destroyed most natural supplement companies by burying them under an avalanche of useless bureaucratic regulation failed by a vote of 77 to 20. That’s particularly harsh, since he had a democrat-controlled Congress to work with…

So, what did he do? He took the entire failed bill, re-named it, and re-introduced it as S.1424 (the Labeling Act). So far this travesty has only one-cosponsor – Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

His bill is intended to regulate natural supplements more harshly than drugs, despite the proven safety record of natural supplements and the proven dangers of Big Pharma’s drugs.

The bill would make supplement producers legally liable for identifying anything about a supplement that “might” interact with a drug or cause some other vague, undefined “additional difficulty.” Even Big Pharma isn’t required required to say how a drug “might” get along with all other drugs, because they can’t predict this any more than anyone else can. But he wants supplement producers to do this, knowing that they can’t – knowing that this is how he can put them out of business.

Over half the population of the US uses natural supplements some 157 million Americans. With all those people taking supplements, there are only on average only 1,575 “adverse effects” from natural supplements each year.

Compare that to the average of 526,527 adverse events reported for prescription drugs each year. And remember, 75,421 of those had “serious outcomes,” including death.

There are 334 times as many “adverse effects” from Big Pharma “FDA Approved” drugs than there are from vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural supplements – and Durbin thinks we need to regulate supplements to death?

Please read more about this issue, and see some telling excerpts from Durbin’s recent NPR interview here at The Alliance For Natural Health website. There is a link there that will let you send a message to your elected representatives to tell them to dump this loser of a bill just like they have dumped the previous bills that Durban has offered up.

Personally, I think Dick Durbin needs to find another drum to beat on for a while – or maybe to retire…

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