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Login problems, Comments, And MMS Feedback

Written by Wellness Club on May 28, 2009 – 4:36 pm -

By Nurse Mark It looks like there are still a few gremlins and bugs in HealthBeat News… And since I’m the one who has to try to make all this stuff run right for you, I’m as busy as a one-armed paper-hanger today trying to sort them out… It turns out that when we had […]

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Hear Dr. Myatt Speak And Lecture In Oregon This July!

Written by Wellness Club on April 23, 2009 – 8:59 pm -

Dr. Myatt will be speaking at the fifth annual NW Herb Fest in Eugene, Oregon this coming July 25th and 26th. Here is the information as provided by the NW Herb Fest organizers: This is the one herbal event you do not want to miss this year. Come for a life enriching transformation.Your life & […]

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Dr. Myatt’s Top 10 Christmas Gift Thank You Suggestions

Written by Wellness Club on December 24, 2008 – 1:09 pm -

Christmas is the season of giving – and receiving. Sometimes of receiving things that we perhaps might wish we had not received. “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” can only be said so often before it becomes tired sounding. Dr. Myatt has seen a few Christmases and heard a few good lines – here is a top […]

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That Ringing In My Ears – Just Make It Stop Please!

Written by Wellness Club on December 24, 2008 – 10:39 am -

We occasionally get questions about tinnitus – that annoying, sometimes even handicapping whistling, buzzing, hissing that is a constant companion for some people. What is tinnitus? Tinnitus describes a constant undercurrent of ringing, buzzing, roaring, or other abnormal sounds in the ears. Gradual nerve loss in the part of the inner ear is believed to […]

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Another Chance For Stevia?

Written by Wellness Club on December 17, 2008 – 3:26 pm -

Opinion by Nurse Mark Stevia, a naturally sweet herb used safely and effectively for thousands of years by South American indigenous peoples for thousands of years, has gotten a rough ride from the FDA. Jackbooted FDA "swat teams" have raided warehouses and health food stores, confiscated products, even confiscated books that contained recipes that included […]

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