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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Death By Over 22%

Written by Wellness Club on October 28, 2013 – 8:57 pm -

By Nurse Mark   Imagine a drug that could reduce overall risk of death by 22 percent – and even better, reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, and respiratory diseases by 24% to 56% in men and by 34% to 59% in women. A drug that could do that amount of […]

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Relief From IBS – Some Personal Observations

Written by Wellness Club on May 1, 2013 – 4:12 pm -

By Nurse Mark   I have a confession to make. I have suffered for many years with varying degrees of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.) – also known as “cranky gut.” Like many people, I am fairly clear on what makes it better and what makes it worse, and also like most sufferers I have tried […]

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The "Swiss Army Knife" Of Supplements

Written by Wellness Club on January 25, 2013 – 9:31 am -

By Nurse Mark   Wouldn’t it be great if there were one supplement that could serve a variety of health-improving functions? What about a supplement that could: lower and stabilize LDL (bad) cholesterol help in weight loss lower and stabilize high blood sugar reverse metabolic syndrome and diabetes reduce inflammation exert powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial and […]

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Alert: Big Pharma Obeys The Law!

Written by Wellness Club on June 7, 2012 – 12:05 pm -

That’s Right – Big Pharma Is Obeying The Law!   The Law Of Unintended Consequences, That Is…   By Nurse mark   Big Pharma gave us “the little purple pill” – that marvelous, wonderful, convenient cure for the discomfort of heartburn. Some people we know have been taking these PPI drugs for years. Little did […]

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More Risks From Acid Blocking Drugs (PPIs)

Written by Wellness Club on January 30, 2012 – 3:25 pm -

More Risks From Acid Blocking Drugs (PPIs)   By Nurse Mark   Our various articles about heartburn, G.E.R.D, acid reflux, esophagitis, and all the other similar digestive problems have been some of our most popular. For a more detailed look this problem see out webpage What’s Burning You? The REAL Cause of Heartburn, Indigestion and […]

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