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Boost Your Metabolism With Coconut Oil

Written by Wellness Club on June 24, 2008 – 11:41 pm -

Here’s an easy way to boost your metabolism without exercise or stimulants. It’s as simple as adding a delicious food to your diet.

Certain foods increase metabolism. The most potent of these is protein, which boosts metabolic rate in a process known as the Thermogenic Effect of Food (TEF). Eating more protein and less carbs gives a serious stimulation to metabolic rate. This is one of the many reasons why high protein diets are so effective for weight loss.

But there’s a single food that has even more calorie-incinerating power than protein: coconut oil.

Coconut contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), unique fats that are far different from the long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) which make up the bulk of dietary fat intake. MCFA’s found in coconut and palm kernel oil are quickly absorbed and burned as energy, boosting metabolism and thermogenesis (fat-burning).

Further, studies have found that MCFA in coconut oil decreases appetite and improves calcium absorption.

Substituting MCFA (coconut oil) for LCFA’s (other types of cooking oils) results in decreased fat storage and subcutaneous fat and increased weight loss.

And if you’re worried about "what you’ve heard" about the "dangers" of coconut oil, get over it! Coconut oil is not only safe, it has been used in hospital medicine to treat cardiomyopathy because of the ease and speed with which the body burns MCFA’s for fuel! (You DID read Nurse Mark’s expose titled Saturated Fat: Another Big Fat Lie, didn’t you???)

Use coconut oil like you would any other oil. It is especially good for cooking (frying) because it does not turn "trans" like the fragile polyunsaturated oils do. Learn more about this metabolism-enhancing oil here: Coconut Oil: Natural Boost for Metabolism

Why not start using coconut oil for cooking and baking and give your metabolism a kick in the right direction?!

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