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Another "Miracle" Product – Is It Real? A Scam? Both?

Written by Wellness Club on March 8, 2010 – 1:38 pm -

Another “Miracle” Product – Is It Real? A Scam? Both?


By Nurse Mark


Our friend Ron is back safely from Iraq – welcome home Ron!


Ron wrote us to ask about the latest “miracle product” that he has been reading about. Here is his note:

Hey Doc. & Mark . Its Ron & I’m back from Iraq for a while.. I was home reading… [and] …any way I had someone talking to me about MMS  They said they used it and it is absolutely the greatest all natural gift from God. So I went to Ebay and looked some up. Most sellers have  free ebooks  that can be downloaded. It was some very very interesting reading. Just wanted your thoughts on it. I hope you are doing well and I look forward to your emails. Thanks Ron

We’ll cut Ron some slack on this one – after all, he has been overseas for a while and probably did not catch our recent HealthBeatNews articles where we discussed MMS: see Is It Real, Or Just Another Sales-Pitch? Dr. Myatt Will Know! and Login problems, Comments, And MMS Feedback.

Hopefully Ron will have a look at these two articles and get a pretty good idea of our thoughts on the subject.

Here is the “short course” when it comes to sorting out the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to any of these products:

  • Does the product sales pitch refer to real, genuine, peer-reviewed studies and journal articles in support of it’s claims? Or are the claims based on nothing more than glowing “testimonials”? ‘Scuse me – my “Bogus Alarm” buzzer just went off…
  • Is the product presented as being “absolutely the greatest all natural gift from God”? This sort of claim has to really raise red flags – since the same could be claimed for Prozac or Lipitor or any number of other drugs… Claims like this really get my B.S. Detection Meter pointing ‘way up in the red zone…
  • Is this a product being sold via multi-level marketing, or on eBay, or by high-pressure pitchmen on television shopping channels? Oops – my Scam Alert warning lights are flashing…
  • Is there a “free e-book”  that you are supposed to read? Uh, I think that this “free” e-Book is actually a sales pitch – don’t you? Remember: TANSTAAFL – “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”! In this case the “free e-book” tells us all about how wonderful MMS is, and why we all need to have it, and even how we should use it to cure all illnesses known to man while achieving spiritual enlightenment, but it doesn’t tell us how to make the stuff, or exactly how to use it – that information is reserved for the other e-book; the one that is not free…

So, our thoughts on MMS? It may well be useful – for it should certainly function as an antimicrobial, and possibly an antiviral – as does good ol’ chlorine, to which this is very closely related. It is not, however, “absolutely the greatest all natural gift from God” – there is nothing particularly natural about it, and it is not really a substance that our bodies need to be fed on a regular basis to maintain health. Try it for malaria – the anecdotal stories are plentiful for that and there is little else that works well. But if you don’t actually have an infectious disease that you are trying to treat, why would you take a chemical intended to kill infections? Just in case? Say… I just happen to be selling a bridge – in Brooklyn – and I’ll make you a great deal on it… And while you’re at it, Big Pharma would like for you to take Lipitor just in case you might ever be at risk for developing high cholesterol… “Just In Case”…

Should anyone be using MMS in deference to, say, a good daily multiple vitamin vitamin supplement? Don’t be silly! Vitamins are required by your body for the maintenance of your good health – MMS is not!

Folks, money is tight these days. Spend your hard-earned coin wisely – a good optimal-dose daily multiple vitamin (like Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi) is far better health insurance than oxygenated chlorine. If you have money to burn you might want to have some MMS on hand in case you get, say, malaria or tuberculosis or AIDS, – but a multiple vitamin is more likely to keep you healthy in the first place!

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