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A Reader Asks ‘What’s In It For You?’

Written by Wellness Club on May 28, 2009 – 6:16 pm -

By Nurse Mark

Salba seems to be a hot topic this week – there must be lots of folks looking to sort out hype from fact since there is so much heavy marketing of this product going on right now.

Rad emailed us to acknowledge that the marketing hype convinced him to try Salba, and to say that at least for him it was not the miracle-product that it was promised to be.

He also relates some other potentially serious health concerns – we’ll deal with those in a moment – and asks a very insightful question: in essence, Rad asks "Why do you do this? What’s in it for you?"

Wow! I sure wish that more people would ask this question when they are reviewing the information that they find in their inbox or mailbox or on the internet or during some revival meeting style "health fair".

Some people might be offended if asked such a question: "What’s in this for you?" We are not!

Here is the letter that Rad sent to us:

Hi Dr. Myatt,
Thanks for your email – I only came to your site as I saw your unbiased opinion concerning Salba and Flax seeds. I only bought some Salba last week – after reading your comparison, I regret doing so as it is expensive and I seem to be getting headaches from it.
As for my health concerns, I have an underactive thyroid gland for years, so taking Synthroid. Also suffers with very high Cholesterol problems. Use to take Lipitor and then Zocor for 3 years, created too many problems, so I stopped taking them since 2004.
Recently, went to my family Dr. – my cholesterol very high, but the Triglycerrides are the biggest concern, too high. I could not convince my Dr. that as many people die with low cholesterol as with high cholesterol, he wanted me on Crestor, tried it for 5 days – had to stop, headaches, burning when passing water, and joint pains. Thus my quest for something else, I do take a lot of other supplements, but to no avail. So I heard about Salba, and bought some….
As well, I feel exhausted most of the time, so it is hard to motivate myself to exercise. I am only 135 lbs. and do consider myself to be relatively ‘active.’
So I am going to try the flax seed and see….thanks for your input. One other question – why do you offer this service? As you seem to be unbiased in what you promote,

Dr. Myatt and I chatted about this during a break between patients. Rad poses an excellent question – what is in this for us? We do provide a lot of information and the benefit of a lot of research, all for free. Why the heck would we do that?!?

Well, there are a whole host of reasons – some of them hard to quantify, others more pragmatic and practical.

First, we actually like what we do – We enjoy helping people – It makes us feel good!

For many of the same reasons that firemen or policemen or your pastor or minister like to do what they do – it just plain makes us feel good to know that our knowledge and skills are valuable and helpful to people.

Further, there is so much bad information out there – from holistic, natural, and even (oh, say it isn’t so!) conventional sources, that we just feel a compulsion – a calling maybe – to set the record straight for you with scientific holistic information.

When we do research for our private practice patients we often find information that can be valuable for our readers – so much of the work is already done – we can make this information available in a more general form to our readers with just a little extra effort. Similarly, in responding to our readers’ questions we often come across research or information that is of value to our patients – so everybody wins!

Now the pragmatic, practical reason: When we provide quality, referenced, unbiased information people know that they can trust what we say – they know that we are not hype-ing some product just to generate sales. People have come to trust that when Dr. Myatt recommends a product she is doing so because there is solid scientific research of it’s benefit. People know that when they buy a product from The Wellness Club they are getting the very best. That is important when we are bombarded daily with come-ons for breast pills, penis pills, hoodia, coral calcium, magic weight loss pills, and all manner of other schemes and scams.

Finally, every now and again someone reads our material and says to themselves "That’s the kind of team I want on my side. That’s the kind of doctor I want looking out for me!" We often get New Patient Consultations with people who like what Dr. Myatt has to say and want to have the team here at The Wellness Club working with them to improve their health. And there is no greater reward that to know that we have helped someone feel better than they have in years, or, as often happens, to know that we have helped someone beat an illness that they were told was a death sentence by some conventional doctor.

So, for Rad’s other questions:

"Underactive thyroid" – here is a page of Thyroid Information to review. Also, Iodine plays an important role in both thyroid and general health.

"High Cholesterol" – please review Natural Treatment And Support Strategies and Lower Cholesterol Naturally – Better Cholesterol Management with Vitamins and Herbs.

"Exhaustion", fatigue, undesired low weight? There are so many possible causes or reasons… why not consider an Alternative Medicine Consultation with Dr. Myatt? Our team here will be happy to help you find the path to your best health ever!

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