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A Potpourri Of Questions

Written by Wellness Club on August 20, 2009 – 4:46 pm -

A Potpourri Of Questions

By Nurse Mark

The following letter is representative of many we receive here – we hear many of these same questions, asked in slightly different ways, over and over. This tells me that these are things that folks are really concerned about, and rightly so. Here is a potpourri of questions, that I’ll do my best to answer.

Hello, Dr. Myatt-
I am a 30 year old female, who has taken a new-found interest in the health and well-being of myself and my family (my husband and 2-year old daughter). I’m starting to “awaken” to the reality of the big pharmaceutical companies who stand to make greedy politicians and free-world leaders a LOT of money with the flu “vaccines” in the up and coming months.  There are some crazy things going on that I do not think most Americans are aware of. With that said, I am searching for new ways to keep my family healthy. Certain things that I have researched suggest the following products would be good to take:
-tumeric (but in the powder form which I do not see on your site)
-ground flax seed or flax oil
What else would you recommend to fight off the flu virus this year? We are interested in your multimax as well as finding out what we can safely give to the 2-year old for a general health vitamin.  Finally, I am scared of cancers and damaging free radicals, and feel that our toxic environment has lead us to be somewhat unhealthy. Have you ever heard of chem trails? If so, what can we take to counter the effects of this bad air?  Finally, why do we choose your products, versus the thousands of other online holistic medicine websites, to purchase these products?  Where do you receive them from?  Thanks!

Hi Ashley,

Dr. Myatt has asked me to respond to your questions since she is very busy with some extremely sick patients just now.

Turmeric is a very useful spice, and tasty too. Dr. Myatt has been recommending turmeric to her patients for many years – long before it became a popular “herb of commerce” in the supplement industry. Powdered turmeric can be found on the spice racks of your local grocery store, and another place to look will be the ethnic groceries that are often found in larger cities. You might even find turmeric root. Remember though, that turmeric sold as a spice will not have the high potency and has not been standardized and subjected to the same stringent quality controls as the turmeric that Dr. Myatt offers in capsule form as a supplement. Read more about this wonderful spice here:

Flax seed and flax seed oil are valuable sources of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and they are a big deal in our household – we use flax oil and ground flax seed in our Super Shakes, and we take flax oil capsules every day as part of our supplement protocol. Flax is a valuable source of lignans – a form of fiber that is also a potent anti-cancer substance. Learn more about various forms of Flax and Omega-3 essential fatty acids here:

Astragalus: what a great herb for supporting both immunity and endurance! Dr. Myatt has created several formulations that take advantage of the immune and energy enhancing effects of astragauls – read more here:

What would we recommend to help protect your family from the flu? (Including the so-called “Bird Flu” and “Swine Flu”!) Please check out our HealthBeat News articles Flu Vaccinations: A Shot in The Dark?, ‘Tis the season… for Colds and Flu!, and  The Flu Can Be A Brutal Enemy As you re-read those articles you will note that Dr. Myatt has made a really crazy money-back guarantee: She guarantees that if you follow her recommendations you will not catch a flu! Will your local doctor promise if you get a flu shot you wouldn’t get the flu or your money back? See Dr. Myatt’s “No Flu for You” Guarantee here

Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi is the finest Optimal Dose multiple vitamin, mineral, and trace mineral supplement you can buy and it is a cornerstone in the foundation of any health optimization program. For a two year old, vitamin recommendations become a little more critical, and it is not a good idea to “shoot from the hip” with generic advice. Infants and toddlers are not just “small people” in this regard, and recommendations for adults and children cannot be just “scaled down” safely. Here’s the good news though: your toddler is still entirely dependant on you for food – he or she is not out snacking down on soda pop, candy, chips, Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, or other ugly junk foods – so most children of that age are usually not particularly nutrient-deficient if you have been providing a healthy, low-sugar diet to them. Dr. Myatt does have a multivitamin called Children’s Basic Nutrients that is recommended for kids 4 years and up – it should be possible to scale down the dose for a two year old, but if it were me I would want to do that in consultation with Dr. Myatt. This is a great use of Dr. Myatt’s inexpensive Brief Telephone Consultation service!

Now, on to cancer, free radicals, and our toxic environment:

We recently ran an article in out HealthBeat Newsletter titled I’m Not Afraid Of Cancer Any More! Those were the very words spoken by one attendee at the fifth annual NW Herb Fest in Eugene, Oregon who had listened to all of Dr. Myatt’s lectures there. Please visit our website where you will find vast amounts of information that can help you to not be afraid of cancer anymore too!

Free radicals have long been made out to be terrible things that must be battled, fought, quenched, eliminated or neutralized at any cost. Dr. Myatt’s research is showing us however that while excessive free radical production and the resulting oxidative stress to the cells is certainly not a good thing, some free radicals and some oxidative stress is necessary to normal cell and immune function. Anti-oxidants have long been a mainstay of natural health programs and should certainly remain so – but we mustn’t become obsessive about quenching everything! Look for an informative article on this subject by Dr. Myatt soon…

Regular readers of HealthBeat News know our position on this toxic environment that many of us are forced to live in – we feel that the multitude of toxins that many people, and not just those living in our cities, are exposed to every day are certainly contributing to many of the illnesses that are plaguing our modern society. There is much that can be done to address these toxic effects, but again, since every person and every family has different exposures and different risks, it is tough to make generalized recommendations of the “take this herb, that vitamin, and these minerals and you’ll be fine” variety. A consultation with Dr. Myatt will save you money in the long run and allow you to focus your health protocols far more effectively than just shooting in the dark with whatever miracle supplement happens to be being promoted at any given time.

Chem trails: Ah, chem trails… Yes, we believe that there really are chem trails. How can there not be chem trails? Jet aircraft burn hydrocarbons (jet fuel) to make the thrust that keeps them flying. That burning produces a chemical soup of exhaust – one that is very rich in water vapor. (Ever wonder at the water dripping from an idling automobile’s tailpipe? Same thing – remember; hydrocarbon…) That water vapor often condenses into visible trails in the cold air of high altitudes, and those trails (clouds) can be very persistent. On busy flight paths, under the right atmospheric conditions, the sky can become littered with these exhaust trails. Modern aircraft (and old ones too) also produce soot, unburned or partially burned hydrocarbons, and even raw hydrocarbons in the form of leaked or jettisoned fuels and lubricating and hydraulic oils. There is no doubt that aircraft are big contributors to our toxic environment.

But – and this is a big but – let’s think about this for a moment: Everyone; you, me, the Big Corporate Bosses, the Big Military Generals, the CIA spooks, the guys flying the secret black helicopters, and our government bureaucrats and politicians – everyone must breathe the same air. No-one can really pick and choose what air they will breathe, and we don’t see any of these Big Poohahs strolling about wearing filters up their noses or gas masks on their faces. If some secret CIA conspiracy were truly putting toxic chemicals into jet fuel with the intent of achieving “mind control” or “dumbing-down” the population [actually, television is doing a fine job of that already!] or any other evil, nefarious plan to harm us then those very same spooks and Big Poohbahs, and their families – their spouses, children, parents,  would be affected right along with everyone else. It just wouldn’t make much sense.

Yes, chem trails are a real thing – and they are toxic and not good for us. But no, we do not believe that there is some sort of evil conspiracy afoot to intentionally fill those chem trails with additional harmful things – the “collateral damage” would be too great and totally uncontrollable. Logic says that this would not be a winning program for anyone, no matter how evil their intentions.

Finally, why should you buy from us and not from any of the thousands of others out there – especially when many of those others may be cheaper?

Well, we hope that after visiting our website and drinking in the wealth of free information that you find there you will come to see that we are all about health – your health. Sure, we sell supplements – that is what allows us to have the website and to provide all that great free info! Dr. Myatt also charges for her consultations (no surprise!) and that is what pays the mortgage and keeps the lights on. In that regard we are very much the same as many of those thousands of other websites out there.

But beware – there is no real government-mandated quality control in the supplement industry. Quality is something that is up to each and every individual seller, and some sellers have higher standards than others. This is often reflected in the price – again, no surprise!

Dr. Myatt has become known as “The Dragon Lady” in the supplement industry for her unwavering insistence on purity, potency, and quality in each and every one of her formulations and products. She presents each of her suppliers with a rigorous quality control audit, and those who fail to meet her standards find themselves losing her business. We personally visit the manufacturing plants of our suppliers whenever possible. Dr. Myatt has been known to send off samples of products for independent analysis, and refuses to sell any product that fails to meet her standards.

Why does she do all this?

Dr. Myatt’s standards are strict because these are products that she recommends to her private practice patients. She needs to be able to count on the effect of a product when she prescribes it – she must know that if the herb or vitamin or product does not achieve the desired effect in a patient it is not because the product lacked potency or contained some unknown substance but because there may be some complicating factor in the patient’s condition that needs to be considered.

Dr. Myatt’s practice includes a large number of “hopeless cases” – people who have come to her after everyone else, with all their conventional “miracles of modern medicine” have failed and have given up. The words “They told me ‘There is just nothing more we can do’ at that other clinic” are heard often here. These are tough cases, and for us to be able to help them – and we do help them – we must be absolutely confident of the quality of the supplements we recommend. These are the same products you see offered for sale on our website.

Wherever possible, products must be ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ – these are manufactured to stricter standards of quality and consistency, often in the same facilities that make FDA-approved drugs. ‘Standardized’ in an herbal product means that the strength or potency of the product will be the same from one batch to the next – this helps to eliminate surprises and treatment failures. Supplements that contain any sort of food colorant or tablets coated in vegetable shellac are a tip-off that the maker is more concerned with appearance than with quality.

But remember – a manufacturer can say almost anything on a label, because there is virtually no enforcement of label claims in this industry. Dr. Myatt has found supplements that contain significantly less than what they claim, and she has even found supplements that contain none of what they are supposed to or contain something else altogether! Has the supplement been tested for heavy metals? Organic solvent residues such as benzine? Aflatoxins? Molds? Bacteria? Dr. Myatt has encountered all of these things in her quality control examinations.

How can you as a consumer be sure of all these things? Well, unless you have a quality control program like Dr. Myatt’s, and unless you are willing to send products out for independent testing, you can’t. Better to let “The Dragon Lady” do the quality control for you – after all, if it’s good enough for her private practice patients it is good enough for your family!

Stay tuned: Dr. Myatt will be writing an article soon to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about quality in the supplement industry, along with some things you might wish you didn’t know!

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